Christmas Special Summaries

Winter Is Bleak

Dec 25
“The Gilmour mom bangs Billy Bob Thorton in a car.”

“Clark Griswald acts like a garbage human being but everything somehow still works out.”

“Peewee Herman has all of his friends over for a special holiday. Sexual innuendos become pretty intense. He gets a lot of fruit cakes. And no, I mean real fruit cakes and not the fruit cake where I show up and make your conservative family feel uncomfortable “fruit cake.””

“Magic Johnson and Peewee Herman go on a sleigh ride. This actually happens.”

Dec 24
“Stephanie from Full House finds a comatose Santa. She wakes him up too early. How rude!”

“Your movie is buffering.”

Dec 22
“This Young Guy Needs To Get Home For Christmas. When You See How He Does It, Your Faith In Humanity Will Be Restored.”

“Kelly Clarkson screeches into your heart.”

“Cameron Diaz plays Cameron Diaz in this romantic comedy about a cabin in the woods.”

“An American girl in England is trying to run away from her glamorous life in LA. She also hasn’t cried since she was 16. Instead of seeking therapy, she falls in love with the first Englishman she sees.”

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